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What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 13 - 2016

Editor:  Janet Beery

Associate Editors: Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, Janet Heine Barnett, Kathleen Clark, Lawrence D'Antonio, Douglas Ensley, Victor Katz, Daniel Otero, Gabriela Sanchis, Randy Schwartz, Lee Stemkoski, Gary Stoudt

Founding Editors: Victor Katz, Frank Swetz


Edmund Halley, 1740, by Andrew Wynn Owen

An historical poem by a prize-winning Oxford poet in the form of an autobiographical reflection by Edmund Halley.

President James A. Garfield's Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, by Sid Kolpas

Garfield's 1876 proof, plus a memorial visiting card featuring a photograph of Garfield (1831–1881).

Descartes' Method for Constructing Roots of Polynomials with 'Simple' Curves, by Gary Rubinstein

Descartes' methods from his 1637 'Geometry' explicated and illustrated using interactive applets.

Letter and Visiting Card of Augustus De Morgan, by Sid Kolpas

Visiting card with photograph (circa 1866), brief biography, student sketch (1865), An Essay on Probabilities (1838), and letter to Indologist H. H. Wilson (1843).

When Was Pierre de Fermat Born?, by Friedrich Katscher

An argument that Pierre de Fermat was born in 1607 rather than in 1601.

The Duplicators: Eutocius's Collection of Cube Duplications, by Colin B. P. McKinney

Solutions by ancient Greek mathematicians of the classical duplicating the cube problem – with extra tools allowed! – featuring translations from the Greek and interactive applets.

Archimedes' Method for Computing Areas and Volumes, by Gabriela R. Sanchis

Archimedes' use of the Law of the Lever to compute areas and volumes in The Method, with classroom-ready examples, exercises, and interactive applets.

HOM SIGMAA 2016 Student Paper Contest Winners

Download the two winning papers from the 13th annual competition, "A Latent Element of Alice's Agency in Wonderland: Conservative Victorian Mathematics" and "The Evolution of the Circle Method in Additive Prime Number Theory."

Al-Maghribî’s Mecca Problem Meets Sudoku, by Ilhan M. Izmirli

Solutions to an early 17th century puzzle from Istanbul can be generated from solutions to modern day Sudoku puzzles.

Johannes Scheubel's 1551 Algebrae Compendiosa, by Sid Kolpas

Selected examples for classroom use feature early algebraic notation and methods.

Misseri-Calendar: A Calendar Embedded in Icelandic Nature, Society, and Culture, by Kristín Bjarnadóttir

History of this two-season calendar from Viking times to today, with animations and ideas for your classroom.

Mathematical Treasures, by Frank J. Swetz

Index to Mathematical Treasures Collection: Images of historical texts and objects from libraries, museums, and individuals around the world for use in your classroom!

Mathematical Treasures added during 2016:


Review of Mathematics in Ancient Egypt: A Contextual History, by Annette Imhausen. Reviewed by Frank J. Swetz.

Our reviewer finds the book to be "well written" and "well researched," and is grateful to the author for summarizing scholarship to date.

Review of Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Gödel, by John Stillwell. Reviewed by Frank J. Swetz.

Our reviewer concludes: "If you want to teach mathematics with its history, this is a way to do it!"


"What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 13 - 2016," Convergence (January 2016)