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Whether you are a college professor or a high school teacher, a doctoral candidate or an undergraduate, an applied mathematician or simply a fan of mathematics, MAA meetings have something for you. MAA MathFest, section meetings, Virtual programming, regional Research by Undergraduates conferences, the Distinguished Lecture Series, provide the opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in mathematics, catch up with friends and colleagues, and forge new professional relationships.

MAA MathFest

  • 2024: Indianapolis, IN | August 7-10, 2024
  • 2025: Sacramento, CA | August 6-9, 2025
  • 2026: Boston, MA | August 5-8, 2026
  • 2027: New Orleans, LA | August 4-7, 2027
  • 2028: San Diego, CA | August 2-5, 2028

Site Selection for MAA MathFest

General Guidelines for Site Selection

Selection of sites for MAA national meetings requires that we balance a mix of complex issues. Site selection begins several years in advance of a national meeting.

We require facilities and transportation infrastructure that meet the logistical and financial requirements of the organization and our members. MAA MathFest requires a relatively large number of rooms for our number of participants due to our robust program of parallel sessions. We are too big for some sites and too small for others. Some sites are too costly in terms of space rental, lodging, and travel; others are unavailable during the time frame we need.

Regardless of where an MAA meeting is held, we expect meeting participants to observe the MAA Code of Conduct. For national meetings, we require the properties and vendors we contract with to agree to abide by MAA's Code of Conduct and, in particular, to commit to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment (as described in the Code of Conduct).

MAA members reside in every state and territory, and we are mindful of our obligation to serve our entire community. This includes providing support for Section meetings and selecting locales for MAA MathFest in a variety of geographic regions.

Our members are the heart of MAA. We intend to provide a meaningful, enriching, and celebratory meeting every summer at MAA MathFest. We look forward to seeing you at the next MAA MathFest.

Site Selection Process

Site selection begins several years before a given MathFest. MAA Meetings & Events department staff gather preliminary information from potential sites suggested by the Meetings Management Committee (MMC) and the staff’s own expertise. MAA staff and the Associate Secretary then conduct site visits. During these visits, they assess the venue, nearby hotels, availability of restaurants, etc. They have conversations with venue management and the local convention and visitor’s bureau regarding requirements pertaining to accessibility adhering to the MAA Code of Conduct, Welcoming Environment, and Code of Ethics Statements.

Findings from these visits are shared with the MMC to make the final selection recommendation. This is then shared with the MAA Board of Directors. Initial negotiations are completed, and contracts between providers and MAA are signed four to six years in advance of the event.