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Maryam Mirzakhani AMC 10A Awards & Certificates

Maryam Mirzakhani AMC 10 A Awards & Certificates

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) received support from Awesome Math Girls, an organization dedicated to making mathematics and problem-solving more appealing to girls at middle and high school levels. The funds will support 5 awards and at least 150 certificates, honoring the top-performing young women students on the MAA American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10A. The top five US scorers from AMC 10 A will split the Maryam Mirzakhani AMC 10A Award of $5,000. Additionally, the five top girls' US scorers on the AMC 10 from each of the 29 MAA Sections will receive a Maryam Mirzakhani AMC 10 A Certificate of Excellence in honor of their performance on the AMC 10 A.

Important Note: To be considered for the awards and certificates, you must self-identify and select "Female" for the Gender question during registration.

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Find this year's Maryam Mirzakhani winners here.

About Maryam Mirzakhani

The Maryam Mirzakhani AMC 10A Prize and Awards are named after Maryam Mirzakhani, an inspirational mathematician and professor of mathematics at Stanford University. “Dr. Mirzakhani achieved so much at such a young age and defied all the odds on her journey to mathematical excellence,” said Meera Desai. Mirzakhani was the first female honored with the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics and she is an IMO gold medalist with a perfect score. Mirzakhani’s accomplishments laid the groundwork for aspiring young mathematicians and she is quoted by Stanford News saying “I am sure there will be many more women winning this kind of award in coming years.” On 14 July 2017, Mirzakhani died of breast cancer at the age of 40.