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Selden Award Eligibility and Guidelines for Nomination


1. The nominee must have a significant record of published research in collegiate mathematics education, normally several articles in reputable journals. The published work might include research about:

- learning of mathematics by post-secondary students
- teaching of mathematics to post-secondary students
- mathematical preparation or knowledge of pre-service teachers
- preparation, experiences, or mathematical knowledge of mathematics teaching assistants
- influence of the social structure of mathematics departments upon teaching and learning other topics related to undergraduate mathematics education.
The research can be quantitative or qualitative on topics such as cognition, affect, gender, effects of technology, teaching and learning of specific mathematical topics, motivation, writing and reading of mathematics, and assessment.


2. The research honored must have been published within ten years of the recipient's first paper in post-secondary mathematics education. The nomination must be submitted within eleven years of the publication of this first paper.

3. The nominee need not hold membership in the Mathematical Association of America, may reside anywhere in the world, and may come from any educational background. The selection committee regrets that it will be able to consider only research written in English.

Guidelines for Nomination

Anyone may make a nomination. The Committee on the Annie and John Selden Prize will search independently for suitable nominees. Nominations may be carried over to the next round in two years, provided the eleven year time limit for nominations will not thereby be exceeded.

The Selden Committee shall consist of four members, each appointed with the Executive Committee of SIGMAA on RUME, for a non-renewable term of four years. Former members of the committee are eligible for reappointment after an interim of four years, except that members appointed to fulfill an unexpired term of one year may be reappointed, immediately thereafter, for a full term.

This  award is presented at MAA MathFest (summer meeting), in even-numbered years. All award nominations must be in by October 1 of the previous odd-numbered year.

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