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"Camp" of Mathematical Queeries


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"Camp” of Mathematical Queeries is a five week virtual mathematics enrichment program for LGBTQ+ students entering grades 9-12. The enrichment is designed to tap into the rich funds of knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community and to provide a space in which LGBTQ+ and mathematical identity are affirmed as interconnected entities, central to the teaching and learning of mathematics, in particular. Even the name of the program, “Camp” of Mathematical Queeries, has been designed to tap into the cultural histories of LGBTQ+ individuals, who remain vastly underrepresented in STEM fields. The word “Camp” is in quotation marks to invoke the aesthetic style of camp, which is closely associated with LGBTQ+ culture, especially the practice of drag. Queeries, a queer play on the term query, when used as a verb means to question, often as a form of doubt. In the context of “Camp” the word “Queeries” is meant to honor the traditions of LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those who are Black, Brown, and/or disabled, that have sought to live their lives authentically by exploring routes and questions outside of the dominant, normative culture. Throughout the five weeks students will engage in activities of mathematical problem posing and problem solving through group-worthy mathematical tasks centered on LGBTQ+ culture and history.

What is the Inspiration Behind “Camp”?

While LGBTQ+ identity is often relegated to the margins and ignored in subjects like mathematics, "Camp" of Mathematical Queeries was created to resist this normative view. Our program was designed to illustrate that students' LGBTQ+ identities are powerful assets to be utilized in the nurturing of positive mathematical identity. Our program honors the sentiments of Ocean Vuong, who wrote,

...[W]hen I look at my life, I saw that queerness demanded an alternative innovation from me. I had to make alternative routes; it made me curious; it made me ask, 'Is this enough for me?'

Our program taps into LGBTQ+'s folx natural propensity to explore alternative routes and ask questions that others may not. We believe this is exactly the liberatory approach needed to radically transform how we view what counts as mathematics and what it means to be mathematical.

The methods and ideas for "Camp" of Mathematical Queeries has been inspired by a number of sources including (but not limited to!):

  • Kai Rands' works in mathematical Inqu[ee]ry
  • Alexander S. Moore's work on the "Queer Identity Intersection of Mathematics Education"
  • Luis Leyva's work on mathematics as a white, masculine space
  • Kyne Santos' (from Canada's Drag Race!) Tiktok math videos.
  • Rochelle Gutierrez's work in creative insubordination and rehumanizing mathematics
  • Brown and Walter's work on mathematical problem posing
  • Lessons from the book High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice
  • The work of programs such as Indigenous STEAM, Girls STEM Institute, Girls who Code, and Love & LiteraTea



When is "Camp" of Mathematical Queeries?

Our 2023 cohort will begin Monday, July 10, 2023 and meet via Zoom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday, 1:00PM  - 3:30PM ET. Our final session will be on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Who Can Apply?

All LGBTQ+ students (Located in the United States) entering grades 9-12 in the 2022-2023 school year are encouraged to apply for "Camp" of Mathematical Queeries. The program has been designed to provide a 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming space, even for those who may not be "out" to their families, friends, or communities as queer or transgender. For this reason, sessions will never be recorded. We will also never share any personal information or individual student works outside of "Camp" of Mathematical Queeries sessions, unless a student has given permission to do so.

How Much Does This Cost?

Because we believe this space should be as accessible as possible, "Camp" of Mathematical Queries is completely free! Due to limited personnel, however, we can only accept 22-25 applicants for the 2023 summer cohort. 

Who’s Sponsoring this Camp?

In Summer of 2021, “Camp” was created through a collaboration between The Queer Mathematics Teacher, Radical Pedagogy Institute, and Teach About Women. This year we are excited to add the Mathematical Association of America and Hudson River Trading as sponsors as well!

What Math Will We Learn?

That will be up to you! This is not a traditional enrichment camp or school program. Our program is completely student generated. While we may provide a specific context (e.g., mathematics re: queer representation in media) at various points throughout the program, students will be encouraged to pose whatever mathematical questions they find interesting related to that context (as well as other contexts they generate themselves). For this reason, there is no prescribed mathematical content that we will learn in the program. The mathematics we learn will depend entirely upon the questions students choose to explore and the mathematics that might aid them in that exploration.  Similarly, we will never have required assignments or anything like a traditional school assignment. The goal of the program is to provide a space for mathematical play, discovery, and joy for LGBTQ+ students and for them to engage with mathematics in ways they find interesting and comfortable.

What if I'm Not a "Math Person"?

We don't believe that's "a thing." Everyone has the ability to engage in math and learn new things. We have no expectations of any prior knowledge or ability level. We just want to pose fun (and queer!) mathematical questions and learn ways to investigate those questions. Cohort members will always be expected to support other members in their problem solving efforts and to help everyone acquire the tools needed to solve the problems we pose. Our program facilitators, the majority of whom are queer and trans, will also always be there to provide support, affirmation, and love as we work through our questions. So, don't worry. We got you!

How Can I Apply?

Complete the application embedded below! Applications will be accepted through May 31, 2023. Applicants will begin receiving invitations between May 22nd (for those who apply before that date) through June 9th.


The "Camp" for Mathematical Queeries is supported by the Mathematical Association of AmericaHudson River TradingThe Queer Mathematics TeacherRadical Pedagogy Institute, and Teach About Women


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