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Communication Support

Mailing Lists

The MAA encourages Sections to communicate with their members throughout the entire year both by email and direct mail. Requesting updated mailing information from headquarters ensures that you are communicating and reaching all of your current members. You can request an updated mailing list and labels by sending an email to the MAA Communities Coordinatort at

PLEASE NOTE: Mailing lists will NOT include the email address.


As part of its commitment to facilitate communication within and among the sections, the MAA maintains current email lists of its members and the sections to which they belong. MAA considers email as an important means of communication and recognizes the importance of proper email content and speedy delivery while also conveying the appropriate professional image.

If you would like to send your members an email (e.g. call for teaching award nominations, meeting announcements/reminders, etc.), please review the Section Email Policy before submitting your request to headquarters. All emails will be configured in your section's name but will come from the address Please ensure that your members have that address in their address book to avoid spam filters.

Members not receiving emails

There are a number of reasons section members might not be receiving section emails. Please have members go through the following steps to ensure that they are set to receive communications from the MAA.

1. Please check that your membership has not lapsed and that you are currently a member of the MAA. You can do this online (log in using the link in the top right corner of this site and check your membership status) or by calling 1-800-331-1622.

2. Use this link to confirm your email address with the our mailing system. Please make sure that the boxes for "MAA Member Only Emails" and "General MAA Information and Special Offers" are both checked.

3. In addition to checking your membership and confirming your email address, please email the MAA Communities Coordinator at so we can follow up and make sure that your changes go through.