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Dolciani Award Guidelines

The Mary P. Dolciani Award recognizes a pure or applied mathematician who is making a distinguished contribution to the mathematical education of K-16 students in the United States or Canada. The recipient will be actively contributing to math education at the time of the selection. The award is $5,000.


A nominee must:

  • Have received a Ph.D in pure or applied mathematics
  • Have a record of published research in pure or applied mathematics
  • Have a record of distinguished contributions to K-16 mathematics education in the United States or Canada
  • Have not received the MAA’s Gung & Hu Award within the last five years (effective January 2016).

Guidelines for Nomination

The nomination packet will consist of nomination form (including nominator's letter), and up to two additional letters of recommendation.  Nomination packets should discuss the nominee's past and current contributions to mathematics education, which could include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing or assessing the K-16 mathematics curriculum, including publication of educational texts, instructional materials, or software.
  • Developing successful programs for improving teaching, teacher preparation, gender equity and diversity of students or faculty, undergraduate research, or mentoring in K-16 mathematics
  • Developing or promoting technology for K-16 educational use.
  • Drafting or disseminating major publications related to K-16 mathematics education.
  • Influencing legislation or policy related to K-16 mathematics education.
  • Developing or contributing to mathematics enrichment programs for K-12 students and teachers.
  • Raising the profile of K-16 mathematics education concerns, including equity and diversity, in the larger mathematics community.

Nominations are due by October 1. Please email it to  Nominees will automatically be held in consideration for three years.