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Guidelines for Section Webmasters

The website for the Mathematical Association of America is designed to advance its mission both with MAA members and with the general public. To achieve these goals requires a continual commitment for providing the highest level of quality in content, design, and presentation. Overall responsibility for the MAA web presence rests with the Chief Business Officer under the direction of the Executive Director of the MAA.

Similar goals should also be pursued by each activity or service of the Association to include Sections, SIGMAAs, NExT, WeBWorK and committees. Since many of these auxiliaries of the MAA utilize volunteer web personnel, special efforts need to be made so that these separate websites reflect well upon the particular organization and upon the national organization. Except where otherwise arranged by the Executive Director, each of these organizations shall officially designate an appropriate individual to provide local oversight under the direction of the organization's designated leader.

For the website of an auxiliary to maintain an official connection to the national website, several items are required and should appear on the local site's front page and on as many subpages as appropriate.


  • The words "The Mathematical Association of America" as well as the Association's logo prominently displayed.
  • Clicking on the logo should provide a link to the national organization's front page.
  • A link to a disclaimer describing the limits of MAA's responsibility for content.


MAA offers hosted websites, with ready-made fully branded templates. When you are ready to begin converting your website to one of these templates, you can fill out our form linked here. Please note that each webmaster will be given full admin privileges, and they can allow other officers contributor permission to help with the transfer. The conversions will be the responsibility of the section officers, and the last step will be moving your domain name and this will only be done once your site has been reviewed. For any questions related to the conversion process, please contact MAA Communities.


Questions about Sections? | email MAA Communities.