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History of SIGMAA

January 1999: MAA Board of Governors forms study group to establish recommendations to guide the MAA into the new century

Spring 1999: A New Agenda for the 21st Century, developed through the MAA's strategic planning process, includes the recommendation of the task force to "Facilitate the Formation of Special Interest Groups"

Spring 1999: MAA Task Force on Special Interest Groups created to develop guidelines for the establishment of Special Interest Groups within the MAA

Summer 1999: Task Force's Resolution on Establishing Special Interest Groups approved by MAA Executive Committee and Board of Governors. The Resolution officially names the groups "SIGMAAs"

Fall 1999: Task Force's Procedures for Establishing a SIGMAA approved by MAA Executive Committee

December 1999: New SIGMAAs program officially announced in FOCUS

January 2000: SIGMAA RUME approved as the first SIGMAA

May 2000: SIGMAA STAT-ED approved as the second SIGMAA

January 2001: BIG SIGMAA approved as the third SIGMAA

Summer 2001: MAA Board of Governors disbands the Task Force and creates the MAA Committee on SIGMAAs

November 2001: HOM SIGMAA approved as the fourth SIGMAA

January 2002: First Annual SIGMAA Officers Meetings held at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

August 2002: SIGMAA EM approved as the fifth SIGMAA

November 2002: POM SIGMAA approved as the sixth SIGMAA

June 2003: WEB SIGMAA approved as the seventh SIGMAA

January 2004: SIGMAA QL approved as the eighth SIGMAA

January 2005: SIGMAA TAHSM approved as the ninth SIGMAA

August 2006: BIO SIGMAA approved as the tenth SIGMAA

October 2006: SIGMAA ARTS approved as the eleventh SIGMAA

January 2009: SIGMAA MCST approved as the twelfth SIGMAA

March 2016: SIGMAA WEB approved as the thirteenth SIGMAA

March 2016: SIGMAA IBL approved as the fourteenth SIGMAA

March 2018: SIGMAA REC approved as the fifteenth SIGMAA

March 2018: SIGMAA SPORTS approved as the sixteenth SIGMAA

March 2018: SIGMAA MKT approved as the seventeenth SIGMAA