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Meritorious Service

At its August meeting in 1983, the MAA Board of Governors voted to establish a Meritorious Service Award. The Certificate of Meritorious Service is to be presented for service at the national level or for service to a Section of the Association. The first such awards were presented at the August 1984 meeting.

The process of awarding the Certificate for Meritorious Service occurs essentially at the Section level. Each Section is entitled and encouraged to nominate one person for the award every five years. For this purpose, the Sections of the Association are separated into five groups, with one group of Sections making their nominations to the Board each year on a rotating basis. Previous winners of the Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics are not eligible for the Certificate. The Certificate may be issued posthumously.  

Each Section should appoint a committee of at least three members to select a single candidate for the award. The nominating committee should prepare a citation indicating the reasons for the selection of the nominee. The nominating committee should send electronically the final recommendation with the citation to the Secretary’s office: Sections should submit the nominations by April 1, of the same year; the Section’s recommendation must be confirmed by the Board of Directors.

Certificate for Meritorious Service Award Presentation Chart

The Sections have been divided (by lottery) as follows:

2021, 2026

Metro New York
North Central
Pacific Northwest

2022, 2027

Rocky Mountain

2023, 2028


2024, 2029

Golden (Northern California)

2025, 2030

Allegheny Mountain
New Jersey
Southern California-Nevada

List of Recipients


Timothy Comar, Benedictine University
Tom Richmond, Western Kentucky University
Lori McCune, Western State University
Gary Towsley, State University of New York at Geneseo (emeritus)
Benjamin Collins, University of Wisconsin – Platteville, now Epic Systems Corporation


Jennifer Wagner, Washburn University
Rob Poodiack, Norwich University
David Hendricks, Abilene Christian University
Linda Sundbye, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Jacci White, Saint Leo University
Matt Boelkins, Grand Valley State University


Douglas Ensley, Shippensburg University
Mariah and Brian Birgen, Wartburg College
Abraham Mantell, Nassau Community College
Jennifer Galovich, St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict
Nancy Ann Neudauer, Pacific University
April Ström, Chandler-Gilbert Community College


Tamara Lakins, Allegheny College
Ezra (Bud) Brown, Virginia Tech
Thomas Hagedorn, The College of New Jersey
Lisa Mantini, Oklahoma State University
Shawnee McMurran, California State University, San Bernardino


John Thoo, Yuba College
Richard Alan (Rick) Gillman, Valparaiso University
John Travis, Mississippi College
Martha Abell, Georgia Southern University
David Skoug and Muriel Skoug, University of Nebraska in Lincoln and Nebraska Wesleyan University
Christopher Swanson, Ashland University


Dora Cardenas Ahmadi, Morehead State
Leon M. Hall, University of Missouri, Rolla
Daniel J. Hrozencik, Chicago State University
John C. Maceli, Professor Emeritus, Ithaca College
Mark R. Snavely, Carthage College


James Alvarez, University of Texas at Arlington
Scott Hochwald, University of North Florida
Heidi Keck, Western Colorado State
Jason Molitierno, Sacred Heart University
Jean Johnson, Baker University
Gerard A. Venema, Professor Emeritus, Calvin College


Nancy Hagelgans, Professor Emerita, Urinus College
Ruth Berger, Luther College
Raymond N. Greenwell, Hofstra University
Deanna Haunsperger and Stephen Kennedy, Carleton College
Stuart Boersma, Central Washington University
Tom Gruszka, Western New Mexico University


George Bradley, Duquesne University
Carolyn Connell, Westminster College
Sister Helen Christensen, Loyola University Maryland
Bonnie Gold, Monmouth University
Lee Turner, Southern Nazarene University
Richard Katz and Michael Hoffman, California State University-Los Angeles


Lowell Beineke, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Stan Chadick, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Aparna Higgins, University of Dayton
Tina Straley, Southeastern Section


Jon L. Johnson, Elmhurst College
Dan Curtin, Northern Kentucky University
Yungchen Cheng, Missouri State University
Jean Bee Chan, Sonoma State University
Peter Stanek, Golden Section
Robert Rogers, State University of New York
Jonathan Kane, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


David Kerr, Eckerd College
Joe Yanik, Kansas Section
Ruth Favro, Lawrence Tech University
Frank Ford, Providence COllege
Hortensia Soto-Johnson, University of Northern Colorado
Minerva Cordero-Epperson, University of Texas at Arlington

Read more about this year's recipients.


Joseph Gallian, University of Minnesota Duluth 
John Hagood, Northern Arizona University
Allen Hibbard, Central College 
Joseph Malkevitch, York College of the City University of New York (retired)
Jenny McNulty, University of Montana
Gerald Porter, University of Pennsylvania


Benjamin Freed, Clarion University
Michael Dorrf, Bringham Young University 
Elizabeth Mayfield, Hood College 
Amy Cohen, Rutgers University 
John Watson, Arkansas Tech University 
Janet Beery, University of Redlands


Carl C. Cowen, Indiana Section 
Richard Anderson, Louisiana-Mississippi Section
John Fuelberth, Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Section
John R. Michel, Ohio Section
David R. Stone, Southeastern Section


Herbert Kasube, Illinois Section 
Donald E. Bennett, Kentucky Section
Victor Gummersheimer, Missouri Section
Leonard Klosinki, Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii Section
H. Joseph Straight, Seaway Section
Andrew Matchett, Wisconsin Section


Marilyn Repsher, Florida Section 
Sister Jo Ann Fellin, Kansas Section
Jerrold W. Grossman, Michigan Section
Donna Beers, Northeastern Section
Janet Heine Barnett, Rocky Mountain Section
Stuart Anderson, Texas Section


Kay Somers, Eastern Pennsylvania-Delaware Section
Calvin Van Niewaal, Iowa Section
Alan Tucker, Metropolitan New York
Ivy Knoshaug, North Central Section
Marjorie Enneking, Pacific Northwest Section
William Yslas Velez, Southwestern Section


Charles Cable, Allegheny Mountain Section
Jon Scott, MD-DC-VA Section
Barbara Osofsky, New Jersey
Roy Deal, Jr., Oklahoma-Arkansas Section
Ernie Solheid, Southern California-Nevada Section


Underwood Dudley, Indiana Section
Stephen Ligh, Louisiana-Mississippi Section
Richard Barlow, Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Section
Thomas A. Hern, Ohio
John Kenelly, Southeastern Section


Larry J. Morley, Illinois Section
Karin Chess, Kentucky Section
Alvin R. Tinsley, Missouri Section
Lester H. Lange, Northern California Section
Luise-Charlotte Kappe, Seaway Section
Fredric Tufte, Wisconsin Section


Vivian Dennis-Monzingo, Texas Section
Richard A. Gibbs, Rocky Mountain Section 
Dennis Luciano, Northeastern Section 
John W. Petro, Michigan Section 
Cynthia J. Woodburn, Kansas Section
Fredric Zerla, Florida Section


Ralph W. Carr, North Central Section
Carl Leinbach, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section
Joanne Peeples, Southwestern Section
Kenneth A. Ross, Pacific Northwest Section
Bernard Sohmer, Metropolitan New York Section


Allegheny Section, Kathleen Taylor 
Md-DC-VA Section, Elizabeth J. Teles 
New Jersey Section, Sister M. Stephanie Sloyan 
Okla-Arkansas Section, Stanley Eliason 
S. California Section, Mario Martelli


Billy E. Rhoades, Indiana Section
Charles Alexander, Louisiana-Mississippi Section
Randall Heckman, Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Section
David Kullman, Ohio Section
Marcellus Waddill, Southeastern Section


Linda Sons, Illinois Section
Harold L. Thomas, Kansas Section
Christine Shannon, Kentucky Section
Curtis N. Cooper, Missouri Section
Henry L. Alder, Northern California Section
Howard E. Bell, Seaway Section
Jeganathan (Sri) Sriskandarajah, Wisconsin Section


Frank P. Battles and Laura L. Kelleher, , Northeastern Section
Don R. Lick, Michigan Section
Glen E. Mattingly, Texas Section
William C. Ramaley, Rocky Mountain Section
Ernest R. Ross, Jr., Florida Section


Marvin L. Brubaker, Eastern Penn.--Delaware Section
Robert Bumcrot, Metro. New York Section
Sylvan Burgstahler, North Central Section
Donald W. Bushaw, Pacific Northwest Section
Donald V. Meyer, Iowa Section


Barbara Beechler, Southern California Section
Robert Eslinger, Oklahoma-Arkansas Section
Barbara T. Faires, Allegheny Mountain Section
Theresa C. Michnowicz, New Jersey Section
Howard L. Penn, Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section
Donald W. Robinson, Intermountain Section Section


Billy Bryant, Southeastern Section
Gerald Heuer, North Central Section 
Clifford Long, Ohio Section 
Paul Mielke, Indiana Section 
David Skoug, Nebraska-Southeast South Dakota Section 
Jimmy Solomon, Louisiana-Mississippi Section


E. Maurice Beesley Northern California Section Jack E. Graver, Seaway Section
Harold Hager, Missouri Section
Norbert J. Kuenzi, Wisconsin Section
Jacqueline C. Moss, Kentucky Section
Howard C. Saar, Illinois Section


James C. Bradford, Texas Section
Frank S. Brenneman, Kansas Section
Robert Gilmer, Florida Section
Delia Koo, Michigan Section
A. Duane Porter, Rocky Mountain Section
James J. Tattersall, Northeastern Section


Arlington M. Fink, Iowa Section
Alice King, Southern California Section
Calvin T. Long, Pacific Northwest Section
Harry D. Ruderman, Metro. New York Section
Doris W. Schattschneider, Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware Section
Alvin Swimmer, Southwestern Section


Jeanne Agnew, Oklahoma-Arkansas Section
Richard McDermot, Allegheny Mountain Section
Henry O. Pollak, New Jersey Section
John M. Smith, Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section
Don H. Tucker, Intermountain Section


Ivey C. Gentry, Southeastern Section
Rodney T. Hood, Indiana Section
Alexander Mehaffey, Jr., Nebraska Section
Andrew Sterrett, Jr., Ohio Section
John L. Tilley, Louisiana-Mississippi Section


Harold M. Bacon, Northern California Section
Paul J. Campbell, Wisconsin Section
Erik Hemmingsen, Seaway Section
Troy L. Hicks, Missouri Section
Aughtum S. Howard, Kentucky Section
John A. Schumaker, Illinois Section


Yousef Alavi, Michigan Section
David Ballew, Rocky Mountain Section
Frank L. Cleaver, Florida Section
Robert E. Greenwood, Texas Section
Donald M. Small, Northeastern Section
Arnold M. Wedel, Kansas Section


Willard E. Baxter, Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware Section
Lily E. Christ, Metro. New York Section
Basil Gillam, Iowa Section
Joseph Hashisaki, Pacific Northwest Section
Joseph D.E. Konhauser, North Central Section
Everett L. Walter, Southwestern Section


Dorothy L. Bernstein, Maryland-District of Columbia-Virginia Section
C.E. Burgess, Intermountain Section
John Jobe, Oklahoma-Arkansas Section
Earle F. Myers, Allegheny Mountain Section
Emory P. Starke, New Jersey Section


Henry M. Cox, Nebraska Section
S.W. Hahn, Ohio Section
John D. Neff, Southeastern Section
Paul K. Rees, Louisiana-Mississippi Section
Gerhard N. Wollan, Indiana Section