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Dates and Locations

Project NExT Fellows who will apply in April 2023 to start in the summer of 2023 (the Green’23 cohort) will be expected to attend two MathFest conferences. (Note: this is a change from previous cohorts who attended MathFest, then JMM, then MathFest the following summer.) Green’23s will be expected to attend:

  • MAA MathFest 2023 in Tampa (July 31- Aug 5, 2023) - arrive in time to start sessions at 10am ET on Monday, July 31st
  • JMM 2024 in San Francisco (Jan. 2-6, 2024) - arrive in time for a 6pm reception on Tuesday, Jan. 2nd. 
  • MAA MathFest 2024 in Indianapolis (August 6-10, 2024) - arrive in time for an 8pm reception on Tuesday, August 6th.

Project NExT Fellows in the Red'22 cohort will attend:

  • MAA MathFest 2022
    (Philadelphia | August 2-6, 2022 - sessions run between 11am and 5:30pm ET, with ample breaks)
  • Joint Math Meetings 2023
    (Boston | January 3-7, 2023 - arrive in time for a 6pm reception on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd)
  • MAA MathFest 2023
    (Tampa| Aug. 1 - 5, 2023 - arrive on the evening of the 1st to reunite with your cohort - sessions start the morning of the 2nd)