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Copyright Agreement

MAA depends on the efforts of member volunteers to fulfill our mission to advance the mathematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level.  The valuable work of our committees (including task forces and editorial boards), should be protected by MAA.  Until recently MAA has paid only modest attention to copyright assignment for products generated through MAA activities; however, the rapid changes in online exchange of information have led to substantive changes in copyright law, as well as challenges to traditional concepts of fair academic use of materials.  To protect the valuable work of our volunteer professionals, MAA now requires that members serving on MAA committees assign copyright of any work done through that committee to MAA.  This gives MAA the ability to address inappropriate use of intellectual property generated through Association activities.  Accepting appointment to an MAA committee or task force constitutes agreement to the copyright assignment statement given below:

By accepting this appointment, I hereby completely, exclusively and irrevocably assign and agree to assign to MAA in perpetuity ownership of all of the copyrights (and all rights subsumed thereunder) in and to all of my contributions to the committee/project. I hereby grant, convey, assign, and set over unto MAA, its successors and assigns, on an exclusive basis, all of my right, title and interest in and to the copyrights in the Contributions, including, without limitation, copyrights and renewals and/or extensions thereof, for all territories of the world in perpetuity. Good and valuable consideration has been provided to me for the assignment of these rights. I also waive any and all rights of attribution and integrity with respect to MAA’s use of the Contributions. My status as "Author" of these contributions remains in place and is not affected by this assignment of ownership rights.