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Section Newsletter Guidelines

Section newsletters should be published once or twice per year. These newsletters may be electronic or on paper. They should be distributed to the Section membership to convey relevant information (see below for some possible topics to include) and should announce Section meetings at least three (3) months prior to the meeting.

The Newsletter Editor

The Section newsletter may be prepared by the Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer of the Section, or by another individual as appointed by the Executive Committee. The Newsletter Editor should communicate with the Section Chair, the Section Governor, Program Chair, Local Arrangements Chair and any other individuals in the Section to gather relevant information for the newsletter.

Delivery of Section Newsletters

Electronic newsletters, distributed via email or posted to the Section website, are encouraged to save costs. The Section may opt to continue to mail paper copies of the newsletter to members who have that preference; and may also choose to announce the availability of the newsletter (along with dates of the Section Meetings) by mailing a postcard to all members. 

Section Newsletter Topics

Appropriate topics for the Section newsletter should be decided by the Newsletter Editor in conjunction with the Executive Committee of the Section. Notice that the announcement of Section meeting dates is required to be presented to the general membership at least three (3) months prior to the meeting.

The list below includes topics used by many Sections in their newsletters, but should not be considered an exhaustive list nor a required list:

  • announcements of upcoming Section meetings, including registration forms, program, and directions to the meeting site, or links to websites providing this information;
  • minutes of previous Section business meetings;
  • Executive Committee activities and decisions;
  • reports from the Section Governor, Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Chairs;
  • news from the campuses within the Section;
  • a problem section;
  • editorials;
  • a call for recommendations for nomination;
  • the slate of nominees for Section positions;
  • a calendar of future Section and MAA meetings, workshops, and other activities;
  • a calendar of future regional meetings of AMATYC, AMS, AWM, NCTM, and SIAM or other appropriate organizations to be held within the Section boundaries;
  • announcements of Section awards and student awards (Putnam, high school contests);
  • articles on special topics;
  • visiting lecturers exchange.


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