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MAA Policies

Code of Ethics and Whistle Blower Protection Policy

Click here for MAA Code of Ethics and Whistle Blower Protection Policy.

Recording or Broadcasting of MAA Events

The recording or broadcasting of any MAA sponsored events, including but not limited to proceedings at sectional and national meetings, workshops, minicourses, and colloquia, is strictly forbidden without the explicit written permission of the Mathematical Association of America (passed by the MAA Executive Committee 10/30/04). 

To obtain permission to record and/or broadcast an MAA event or activity, complete the information requested in the Request to Record or Broadcast Form. Mail or email your request to the MAA at the address below. You must have received a signed form granting approval for recording and/or broadcasting an MAA event before the event takes place. Having submitted a request form does not constitute temporary authority, and approval will not be given orally. Please allow sufficient time for the approval process to be completed. Allow at least two weeks from time of receipt of request by the MAA office.

Mathematical Association of America
1529 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

More Information on Recording or Broadcasting of MAA Events

Commercial Promotion

While some presenters in a session will have presentations whose format and content relies on or relates to information in a commercially-available product, such as a book or authored software, the promotion of such products in a scientific session is not appropriate. Participants in a successful scientific session naturally will want to know more about the materials referenced, but the session may not be used to promote any particular product.

Interviews at National Meetings

The MAA recognizes the important role that our national meetings play in the hiring process, both for those seeking jobs and for departments. Especially for those on the job market, the application and interview process can be a stressful time, and it may be awkward for applicants to express their desire to modify the setting in a situation that they feel is less than ideal. Therefore, the MAA Board of Governors has adopted the following policy:

The MAA strongly discourages the use of personal hotel sleeping rooms as the site for professional interviews of prospective employees. This practice is intimidating for some job-seekers, particularly those who find the situation uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.