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May 2018 Cover College Mathematics Journal

The College Mathematics Journal is an expository magazine aimed at teachers of college mathematics, particular those teaching the first two years. It publishes well-written and captivating articles exploring new mathematics, or old mathematics in a new way. Most of its articles are accessible to upper-level undergraduate students. In addition to articles, the journal publishes Classroom Capsules, Media Highlights, and a Problems & Solutions column.

Dominic Klyve, Editor



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Winners of the George Pólya Award from The College Mathematics Journal since 1977.

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About The College Mathematics Journal

The College Mathematics Journal is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality exposition on mathematical topics related to the undergraduate curriculum. We welcome engaging writing on new mathematics or new perspectives on known mathematics, and encourage historical perspectives, pedagogical notes, and open questions where possible. Also, The College Mathematics Journal has a tradition of an annual issue dedicated to recreational mathematics.

The College Mathematics Journal accepts the following types of submissions: articles, Classroom Capsules, Proofs Without Words, problems, solutions to published problems, and Media Highlights. Letters to the Editor on any topic are also welcome, and all kinds of comments, criticisms, and suggestions for making CMJ more lively, entertaining, and informative.

CMJ articles are at most 12 pages long (including the author pictures and biographies) with a mean page length of 6. Supplementary materials such as computer code, exercise solutions, and long proofs can be made available on the journal website. See below for style and structure details.

A Classroom Capsule is a short article (1–3 pages) that contains a new insight on a topic taught in undergraduate mathematics, preferably something that can be directly introduced into a college classroom as an effective teaching strategy or tool.

Proofs Without Words supply visual understanding of a mathematical result in at most one page.

Problems and Solutions aim to challenge students and teachers of collegiate mathematics. They can address any part of the undergraduate curriculum. Whenever possible, a proposed problem should be accompanied by a solution, appropriate references, and any other material that would be helpful to the editors. Proposed problems should be sent to Solutions of published problems should be sent to

Media Highlights are short reviews (up to half a page) intended to help CMJ readers monitor a broad spectrum of publications, web materials, professional activities, and instructional resources. Readers are encouraged to submit items that will be of interest to colleagues in the mathematical community. Media Highlights should be sent to

LaTeX style files and template files are available here.

Submitting to the CMJ

Submissions of articles and Classroom Capsules are required via the CMJ’s Editorial Manager System. The name(s) of the author(s) should not appear in the file. Initial submissions in pdf or LaTeX form can be sent to the editor at By submitting a paper to the CMJ, the author asserts that it has not been previously published nor is it currently under consideration for publication at another journal.

The Editorial Manager System will cue the author for all required information concerning the paper. Questions concerning submission of papers can be addressed to the editor at Authors who use LaTeX are urged to use the CMJ article style (available here) and LaTeX's standard environments with no custom formatting.

Contributions to Problems and Solutions and Media Highlights should be submitted to the appropriate section editor at the address listed inside the journal. Letters to the Editor on any topic are invited. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions for making CMJ more lively, entertaining, and informative are welcome and should be forwarded to the editor at

Proposed Problems or Solutions

We invite readers to submit original problems that will appeal to readers of the The College Mathematics Journal. Problem proposals must be accompanied by solutions and any bibliographical information that will assist in their review. Submitted problems should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Correspondents with limited access to the internet may submit their problem or solution to the attention of Dr. Greg Omen, Problems Editor, Department of Mathematics, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Please note that physical manuscripts are not the preferred method of submission, and correspondents are encouraged to submit their problem or solution electronically if possible.


To send us your contribution, follow the steps below:
Create a Primary File for your contribution. The preferred format is PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format). If a PDF file is unavailable, we accept DOC and DOCX (Microsoft Word), RTF (Rich Text Format), ODT (Open Document Format), WPD and WPF (WordPerfect), and TXT (plain text) files. (Note that a TeX/LaTeX file is not acceptable as a Primary File. Please compile to PDF first, then upload the TeX/LaTeX file as a Secondary File.) The Primary File alone should allow a referee to fully evaluate your contribution.

If necessary, prepare Secondary Files for submission. Secondary Files are typically those used to create the Primary File, including TeX/LaTeX source files (plus possibly a BBL bibliography file) and figures in EPS/PDF/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIFF format. Other Secondary File formats include DOC/DOCX, RTF, ODT, WPD/WPF and TXT, to the extent that they are needed to create the Primary File. (Note: While the web form will not enforce submission of Secondary Files, authors are strongly encouraged to provide all files needed to prepare their contribution for publication. Subsequent delay or failure to provide secondary source files upon request from the editors may result in rejection.)

For proposal submissions, click on "Problem Proposal" below to access the submissions page.

For solution submissions, click on "Solution to Problem number x" where x is the appropriate 5- digit problem number.

Sign In Instructions:
If you are a first-time user of Submittable, click on the category to which you wish to submit to. A form will appear that will ask for your given name, family name, and email address and password. Once you have created your account the submission form will appear. On subsequent occasions, use the link labeled "click here to sign in now" at the bottom of the page in order to log in using your e-mail and password. Once logged in, the submission form proper ("Problem Proposal" or "Solution to Problem number x") will be displayed.

Follow the instructions to fill the web form and upload your Primary File and applicable Secondary Files. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to send us your contribution and receive a confirmation message by e-mail.

Topical Index to The College Mathematics Journal, 1970–2020

A searchable index (pdf) by title, author, and related curriculum subject of all articles, capsules, and book reviews published in The College Mathematics Journal since 1970. Maintained by Donald E. Hooley, Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH.

Problems and Solutions Index, 1973–2016

A list (pdf) in order of publication of all problems printed in The College Mathematics Journal together with their solutions (by title and issue). Maintained by Charles K. Cook, Sumter, SC.


General permission is granted to institutional members of the MAA for noncommercial reproduction in limited quantities of individual articles (in whole or in part) provided a complete reference is made to the source. Reprint permission should be requested from Taylor and Francis. Please use the form below.


Change of address, missing issue inquiries, and other subscription correspondence should be sent to:
Taylor & Francis
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Missing issues or other subscription correspondence:
(800) 331-1622
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