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MAA Travel Grants for Project ACCCESS

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is proud to support AMATYC's Project ACCCESS (Advancing Community College Careers: Education, Scholarship, and Service) with new travel grants for Fellows attending MAA MathFest or an MAA Section Meeting

About Project ACCCESS

Project ACCCESS is a program for new faculty interested in advancing the teaching and learning of mathematics in two-year colleges. Its goal is to develop a cadre of new two-year college mathematics faculty who are effective members of their profession. The four objectives of the project are to assist the selected faculty to gain knowledge of the culture and mission of the two-year college and its students, acquire familiarity with the scholarship of teaching, commit to continued growth in mathematics, and participate in professional communities.

Project ACCCESS Fellows attend two consecutive AMATYC Conferences where they participate in pre-conference workshops as well as regular conference activities. In the intervening year, Fellows attend an MAA Section NExT meeting near their home institution where they participate in both regular and specially designed activities. For the duration of the program, an electronic network links Project ACCCESS Fellows with each other and with a group of distinguished mathematics educators.

To learn more about Project ACCCESS and to apply, please visit:

Travel Grants for Fellows

Current Project ACCCESS Fellows are now eligible to submit a request for travel reimbursement for travel (and related expenses) to MAA MathFest OR an MAA Section Meeting. Reimbursement for MAA MathFest may be up to $1000 in eligible expenses, and reimbursement to an MAA Section Meeting may be up to $500 in eligible expenses. 

The MAA's Policy Governing Reimbursement of Travel Expenses can be viewed here. Find your MAA Section and learn more about Section Meetings here

Before booking your travel, please review the MAA Travel Policy. If your expenses do not comply with the policy, you may not be able to be reimbursed. Please save all receipts for expenses and be prepared to include them in your reimbursement request. Please note - forms must be submitted no more than 120 days from the date of incurring or paying the expense.

To complete the form and submit your request, please follow the process below. 

  1. After travel is completed, gather all receipts for expenses (airfare, taxis, train, meals, lodging, etc.). You will need to include these in your request. Full details of what can and cannot be included are listed on page 4 of the reimbursement packet. Additionally, please provide documentation showing that you are a Project ACCCESS fellow.
  2. Review the reimbursement packet, you will need to complete Section 0 and Section 2 for travel reimbursement. Remember, your reimbursement cannot exceed $500 for MAA Section Meetings or $1000 for MAA MathFest. 
  3. Follow the instructions in the packet to complete the form. In Section 2, under “Competition or Program Name & Number”, please select ACCCESS Travel Grant - 751.
  4. Be sure to sign Section 0. Electronic signatures are acceptable.
  5. You may need to complete a W-9 form or EFT form - please see the instructions in the packet to determine if you need to do so, and then complete these forms within the packet. 
  6. Save the full PDF of the reimbursement packet as “YOUR NAME_Reimbursement Request Form”.
  7. Send the PDF reimbursement packet and all receipts and documentation as PDF attachments directly to You do not need to send your forms to any other staff at the MAA. Please do not send .zip file attachments or links. 

The inbox is secure and safe to receive W-9 forms and other sensitive information. If you would still prefer to send your W-9 another way, please contact, so that our Finance Team can assist you.

All questions regarding the reimbursement process and payment status should be directed to

Questions regarding the form should be submitted to Note: Please do not submit requests for reimbursement to this address. Only submit those forms to

View & Download the Form

Support for this Program

Project ACCCESS Travel Grants are made possible by the Exxon Mobil Foundation.