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How to Propose a Session at MAA MathFest

The proposals submission portal typically opens in early September.

General Information That is Included in All Proposals

Abstract/Session Description

The abstract is the only description that prospective participants will see. It will appear in the meeting program, website, and FOCUS. This description should clearly articulate the content and goals for the session, the format of the course, and any necessary prerequisite knowledge, and should be written to help the meeting attendee determine whether or not they wish to attend the session. The abstract should be no more than 1500 characters including spaces.


Enter all the requested contact information for the organizer(s) and panelists (if applicable). If an organizer has organized a workshop, panel, or poster session in the last three years either at the Joint Meetings or MathFest, list the meeting, session title and approximate session attendance. If submitting a panel session proposal, you will be asked to provide a very brief biographical sketch for each panelist, focusing on experience as related to the proposed topic.

Additional Information

Under AV/Logistical Requests, list any special equipment or logistical needs. (An LCD projector and screen will be provided; presenters are expected to bring their own laptops.) Any special needs should be included here in the original proposal for the session. All logistical requests are subject to approval. Also on this tab, list any sponsoring organizations, such as SIGMAAs, MAA committees, or external organizations, and indicate if the same session has been offered previously.

Also, list any scheduling constraints you have during the meeting, the additional details requested under each session type below, and any other information you wish the selection committee to consider.

MAA MathFest Proposal Deadlines

Contributed Paper Session Proposals

October 15 in the year preceding MAA MathFest

Minicourse Proposals

October 31 in the year preceding MAA MathFest

Invited Paper Session Proposals

October 31 in the year preceding MAA MathFest

Workshop, Panel, Town Hall, and Poster Session Proposals 

December 15 in the year preceding MAA MathFest

Other Session Proposals

December 15 in the year preceding MAA MathFest

SIGMAA Business Meetings and Guest Lectures

January 31 in the year of MAA MathFest

Social Events and Receptions

January 31 in the year of MAA MathFest

Additional Information Required in Proposals for Specific Session Categories

Please click on the buttons below for details about specific session category proposals:

Invited Paper Sessions Contributed Paper Sessions


Workshops, Panels, Town Halls, and Posters Minicourses

If you have questions about submitting a proposal, contact MAA Associate Secretary Nancy Neudauer.