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Subventions and Section Finances

Each section receives an annual subvention check from the national office of MAA after the section treasurer has submitted its annual financial report. The check’s amount depends on the total of the individual and institutional dues paid by members in the section for the current year. The check is usually sent in late spring or early summer. See the policy on subventions

A section may augment its treasury in various ways. Successful sources of revenue for some sections include: registration fees for section meetings, exhibitors’ fees at section meetings, MAA book sales, voluntary section dues, and workshop fees. Since every member of MAA is a member of a section, section dues must be clearly designated as voluntary dues. Special grant opportunities for section support may arise through the national MAA office.

Sections must communicate with the national office about certain possible fund raising activities so that MAA can maintain its tax status and good standing. Prior to soliciting donations from nonmembers or organizations, a section must obtain approval from the MAA Executive Director. The section newsletter may contain advertisements from graduate schools, book publishers, or other appropriate groups only with the approval of the Director of Finance in the national office. Also, recordings of section activities may not be disseminated for profit.

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