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How to subscribe to MAA RSS feeds:

First, choose an RSS aggregator
An RSS aggregator is a Web or software application that supports RSS feed subscription. There are many Web-based aggregators available such as Bloglines. Most modern Web browsers also allow you to subscribe to feeds as bookmarks, and some e-mail applications allow you to recieve feeds in your inbox.

Second, subscribe to MAA RSS feeds 
If you use an e-mail application or Web browser that supports RSS, click on the links below to subscribe to the respective feed. If you are using a Web-based aggregator, you will need to copy the respective feed link into your aggregator's subscription management interface.

How to view MAA RSS feeds:

Most modern browsers will display the most recent feeds properly once you click on any of the RSS feed links below. If you are using Chrome, please be sure to install an RSS feed reader plug-in before you view the feeds.

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Launchings by David Bressoud
 Devlin's Angle by Keith Devlin
 The Mathematical Tourist by Ivars Peterson
 Card Colm by Colm Mulcahy
 Math Ed Matters by Dana Ernst and Angie Hodge