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AMC Platform and Administration Policies

AMC Announcement for the 2022-23 Competition Cycle

Dear AMC community,

As we continue to work diligently behind the scenes to improve your AMC experience, we have some EXCITING NEWS! MAA AMC is launching a new competition administration platform, which will host paper and digital formats of the competitions on a competition manager (CM) portal. CMs can conveniently administer the digital competition to students or print the paper competition with answer sheets and scan them to send them back.


  • Eliminates the need to ship or deliver packages 
  • Provides score reports faster than ever
  • Gives direct access to student scores and cumulative data
  • Eliminates Certification Forms and other paperwork


  • Registration and process payments on as in the past.

  • In mid-October, details will be shared on registering on the competition manager portal and administering the competition in your classrooms.


  • The competition can be accessed by PC or tablet.

  • Students will bubble their answers on their digital devices.

  • Score reports will be sent immediately upon completion of the competition.



  • The competitions will be available on the competition manager portal to print 

  • MAA will not ship materials to your schools

  • You should be prepared to print the competition and the bubble scoring sheet for each student.

  • Once the competition is complete, you can scan the answer sheet into the competition manager portal.

  • Score reports are processed immediately upon scanning (meaning you will have student scores instantly). 

​*With the exception of Braille competitions


Valid Administration Time Period

Competition managers may choose to administer the competition at separate times to different sections of students; however, for competition integrity and security, the MAA AMC strongly encourages competition managers to administer the competition to all participating students simultaneously.

  • AMC 10/12: Competitions must be administered no earlier than 8:00 AM and no later than 11:59 PM Eastern Standard time (GMT +5) on the official USA competition dates: the AMC 10/12 A is administered on Nov 10, and the AMC 10/12 B on Nov 16.
  • AMC 8: Competitions must be administered between Jan 17 - 23, 2023, with the testing window starting at 8 AM Eastern Standard time (GMT +5) on Jan 17, 2023, and expiring at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard time (GMT +5) on Jan 23, 2023.


  • Proctoring will only be allowed in person with an approved Competition Manager unrelated to the student. Remote proctoring is not allowed. Only school and educational administrators can register students for the AMC.
  •  Proctors will be contacted if there is any suspicion of cheating or unapproved resources. Participants should be continuously monitored by their AMC competition manager proctor.
    • View Disqualification and Cheating policies here.

Special Accommodations

  • It is the responsibility of the Competition Manager to make arrangements consistent with the participant’s accommodation plan. 
  • For digital administration accommodations, we will ask for you to submit the STUDENT SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS FORM after registration to secure timing accommodations by the following deadlines:
    • AMC 10/12 A: Nov. 3
    • AMC 10/12 B: Nov. 3
    • AMC 8: Jan. 11


  • Each bundle consists of 10 competitions.
  • Pricing for online and paper administration will remain at $2.50/participant for the AMC 8 and $2.70/participant for the AMC 10/12, packaged in bundles of 10.

Translations, Braille, and Large Print

  • The French and Spanish translation booklets will appear in your Competition Administration portal on the "Competition Booklet" page, and can be administered using the Print & Scan format.
  • Large print accommodations can be met by administering the competitions digitally and using the zoom feature on the browser window.
  • Braille competitions will be mailed to CMs, and must be returned by mail.


Policy for Changes

The MAA Committee on American Mathematics Competition may change the program rules, regulations, awards, and conditions of participation in whole or in part. Whenever possible, competition managers will be notified of these changes ahead of time. Additional policies are found on the AMC Policies page.