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Section NExT

Most MAA Sections run professional development programs similar to Project NExT, but on a local scale. Supported by the MAA, these programs are only loosely affiliated with Project NExT. As with the Association’s program, they seek to support new faculty in the Section in their teaching, in their scholarship, and in their professional activities. They may also have additional goals, such as establishing links between the different types of institutions in the Section or between graduate students and new faculty in the Section.

Use the map below to find your section's webpage. Many sections include info about their Section NExT program, but sometimes you'll need to contact your Section to find out who runs the Section NExT program. In a few cases, a section doesn't have a Section NExT program .... so start one! Contact your section's leadership to make a proposal.

Map of MAA Sections

Questions about Sections? | email the MAA Communities Coordinator