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Recording or Broadcasting of MAA Events

POLICY: The recording or broadcasting of any MAA sponsored events, including but not limited to proceedings at sectional and national meetings, workshops, mini-courses, short-courses, and colloquia, is strictly forbidden without the explicit written permission of the Mathematical Association of America (passed by the MAA Executive Committee 10/30/04)

To obtain permission to record and/or broadcast an MAA event or activity complete the information requested in the Request to Record or Broadcast form (pdf format) and mail, email, or fax your request to the MAA Executive Director at the address below. You must have received a signed form granting approval for recording and/or broadcasting an MAA event before the event takes place. Having submitted a request form does not constitute temporary authority, and approval will not be given orally. Please allow sufficient time for the approval process to be completed. Allow at least two weeks from time of receipt of request by the MAA office.

Mathematical Association of America
1529 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Fax to 202-387-5948

Automatic Approvals

MAA National and Section presiding officers and SIGMAA and Section chairs may authorize the recording and broadcasting of the following events as described below. This memo constitutes permission and no further approval need be pursued.

Proceedings of meetings of the MAA Board of Directors may be recorded and distributed for archival purposes by the MAA Secretary or that person’s designee at that person’s discretion.

Proceedings of meetings of the MAA Congress may be recorded and distributed for archival purposes by the recorder elected by the Congress or the person designated by the chair of the Congress.

Proceedings of any MAA committee or council meeting may be recorded by a member of the committee or council and reported to members of the committee or council and to the MAA Board of Directors, Executive Director, and MAA staff liaison.

Plenary lectures may be recorded, with permission of the lecturer, and kept for archival purposes. These recordings may be used by the group sponsoring the original event solely for the same purposes as the original use (e.g., shown at a section meeting).

(Approved by Board of Directors, October 28, 2017)