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"Best Practices" Statements

From the MAA Committee on Faculty and Departments

“Best Practices” statements written by the MAA’s Committee on Faculty and Departments (CFD) are the successor to the Guidelines for Programs and Departments in Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences report which was last published by the MAA in 2003. Along with updating the content based on new developments in the profession, technological change in the past decade provides us an opportunity to reimagine the format and distribution of the information in the Guidelines. These new “Best Practices” statements are a sequence of shorter, focused documents that can be promoted through the MAA web site, using social media, at national meetings, and in MAA FOCUS. We believe faculty and others will be interested in reading these brief, but no less important, communications from the MAA, and we have confidence that to-the-point documents like these will be easier to share with busy administrators.

Statement #1: Best Practices in Recruitment, Retention, Development, and Evaluation of Faculty in College and University Mathematical Sciences Departments


Statement #2: Required Resources and Recommended Technology for College and University Mathematical Sciences Departments


Statement #3: Best Practices for Student Support


Statement #4: Best Practices for Curriculum and Teaching


Statement #5: Best Practices for Program Review, Assessment & Accreditation


Statement #6: Best Practices for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion