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History of the College Mathematics Journal

The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 1970-1983

The College Mathematics Journal began as The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal. It was founded and published by Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, Inc. in collaboration with the MAA, and MAA president Gail Young wrote an editorial in the inaugural issue in Spring 1970. The journal was "created to provide a communication forum for mathematicians interested and involved in the curricular and pedagogical problems of two-year colleges"—primarily teachers at two-year colleges, but also teachers at secondary and four-year institutions.

The journal was published twice per year in 1970 through 1972. Publication frequency gradually increased until it reached five issues per year in 1977, and has remained the same since.

The College Mathematics Journal, 1984-

The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal became The College Mathematics Journal in 1984, emphasizing connections between teachers of secondary, two-year college, and freshman-sophomore college mathematics. A new editor, Warren Page (New York City Technical College), began his five-year term at the time of the name change.

Past Editors of The College Mathematics Journal

The full list of CMJ editors is available here.