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What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 16 - 2019

Editors:  Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, Janet Heine Barnett, Janet Beery (through 1/31/19)

Associate Editors:  Paul Bialek, Eugene Boman, Maureen Carroll, Lawrence D'Antonio, Sloan Despeaux, Victor Katz (through 1/31/19), Michael Molinsky, Elyn Rykken, Randy Schwartz, Amy Shell-Gellasch, Jody Sorensen, Gary Stoudt, Erik R. Tou, Laura Turner

Founding Editors: Victor Katz, Frank Swetz


Correspondence from Mathematicians by Jennifer Horn, Amy Zamierowski and Rita Barger (posted 12/30/2019)
A project designed by the co-authors to provide their students with a research experience that helped them discover the origins of familiar mathematical concepts.

An Explication of the Antilogism in Christine Ladd-Franklin's "Algebra of Logic" by Julia M. Parker (posted 12/12/2019)
An overview of Ladd-Franklin's contributions to symbolic logic, based on an explication of an excerpt from her doctoral dissertation.

Bringing Historical Methods for Astronomical Measurements into the Classroom by Seán P. Madden, Jocelyne M. Comstock, and James P. Downing (posted 10/14/2019)
Student activities that combine data collection with astronomical measurement methods attributed to Eratosthenes, Ptolemy, and Galileo.

Here's Looking at Euclid by Sid Kolpas and Stu Ockman (posted 09/16/2019)
A mathematical crossword puzzle with historical overtones.

To Simplify, or Not To Simplify? A Lesson from Medieval Iraq by Valerio De Angelis and Jeffrey A. Oaks (posted 09/02/2019)
A case where not simplifying fractions explains a curious rule for computing cube roots from medieval Arabic mathematics, with student exercises.

MAA Convergence is Sweet Sixteen!
As Convergence marks its 16th volume, we recognize its long-term former editors by compiling their contributions to the journal’s content and by presenting a brief history of the journal.

Servois' 1817 "Memoir on Quadratures" translated by Robert E. Bradley and Salvatore J. Petrilli, Jr. (posted 05/20/2019)A readers' guide and complete English translation of Servois' 1817 contribution to a debate on numerical integration.

HOM SIGMAA 2019 Student Paper Contest Winner (posted 04/23/2019)Read the winning entry, "Omar Khayyam's Successful Replacement of Euclid's Parallel Postulate" by Amanda Nethington, from the 16th annual edition of this contest.

Teaching Mathematics with Ephemera: John Playfair's Course Outline for Practical Mathematics by Amy Ackerberg-Hastings (posted 04/22/2019)
Ephemera are a category of primary source that may prove especially engaging for students. The article provides examples of ephemera, a sample analysis of one piece of ephemera, and suggestions for incorporating this form of primary source into mathematics classrooms.

Using the Publimath Database to Bring History into our Teaching by Hombeline Languereau and Anne Michel-Pajus (posted 04/08/2019)
Description, with user instructions, of a French online resource cataloging research articles and projects for using history to teach mathematics.

More Than Just a Grade: The HOM SIGMAA Student Contest Fosters Writing Excellence at UMKC by Richard Delaware (posted 02/10/2019)
Advice on promoting excellence in student research and writing in the history of mathematics.

Ongoing Series

A Series of Mini-projects from TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources, by Janet Barnett, Kathy Clark, Dominic Klyve, Jerry Lodder, Danny Otero, Nick Scoville, and Diana White

Math Origins, by Erik R. Tou
How were concepts, definitions, and theorems familiar to today's students of mathematics developed over time?

Mathematical Treasures

Mathematical Treasures at the Linda Hall Library, by Cynthia J. Huffman Description of the physical and digital history of science collections of the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City. At least 75 of LHL's digitized rare books relate to the history of mathematics and can be used in classrooms.

Mathematical Treasures from the Linda Hall Library added during 2019:

Mathematical Treasures, by Frank J. Swetz

Index to Mathematical Treasures Collection: Images of historical texts and objects from libraries, museums, and individuals around the world for use in your classroom!

Mathematical Treasures added during 2019:

"What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 16 - 2019," Convergence (January 2019)