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Mathematical Treasure: Adrian Vlacq’s Trigonometric Tables

Frank J. Swetz (The Pennsylvania State University)

In 1636, Adriaan Vlacq published a shortened version of trigonometric tables he had constructed in 1633, with the new title Tabulae sinuum, tangentium et secantium. . . . This table of trigonometric function values also contained logarithms for some of these functions. Here is the title page of a 1663 German edition of this work.

Title page for Vlacq's trigonometric tables (1636).

The author also provided examples of how to apply his table of values.

Pages 14 and 15 of Vlacq's trigonometric tables (in German).

The images above are presented courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

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Frank J. Swetz (The Pennsylvania State University), "Mathematical Treasure: Adrian Vlacq’s Trigonometric Tables," Convergence (July 2016)