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Mathematics Magazine June 2018 Mathematics Magazine publishes expository articles meant to appeal to a broad mathematical audience that includes strong undergraduate students. Our editorial philosophy is that if a topic is in any way related to mathematics, then it is potentially of interest to the magazine. The magazine has published continuously since 1947 and currently prints five issues per year.

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Jason Rosenhouse, Editor

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About Mathematics Magazine

Mathematics Magazine is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality, lively, readable, and appealing exposition on a wide range of mathematical topics, including original mathematics, historical content, and connections among mathematics and other disciplines.

Mathematics Magazine accepts Articles as well as contributions to the Problems and Solutions. In addition to expository pieces, we accept a limited number of puzzles, poems, Proofs Without Words, and other miscellanea.

A manuscript's publishability depends as much on the quality of exposition as on the mathematical significance. Our general advice is simple: Say something new in an appealing way, or say something old in a refreshing, new way. But say it clearly and directly, assuming a minimum of background.

Make your writing vigorous, expressive, and informal, using the active voice. Give plenty of examples and minimize computation. Help the reader understand your motivation and share your insights. Illustrate your ideas with visually appealing graphics, including figures, tables, drawings, and photographs.

First impressions are vital. Choose a short, descriptive, and attractive title; feel free to make it funny, if that would draw the reader in. Be sure that the opening sentences provide a welcoming introduction to the entire paper. Readers should know why they ought to invest time reading your work.

For more detailed instructions, please go to:

Submitting to Mathematics Magazine

Submissions of articles are required via Mathematics Magazine’s Editorial Manager System. The name(s) of the author(s) should not appear in the file. Initial submissions in pdf or LaTeX form can be sent to the editor at  By submitting a paper to Mathematics Magazine, the author asserts that it has not been previously published nor is it currently under consideration for publication at another journal.

The Editorial Manager System will cue the author for all required information concerning the paper. Questions concerning submission of papers can be addressed to the editor at Authors who use LaTeX are urged to use the Magazine article template. However, a LaTeX file that uses a generic article class with no custom formatting is acceptable.

The "Mathematical Subject Classification Index (MSC)," available at, or in pdf form at When submitting your manuscript, please provide at least one and up to three 5-digit MSC classifications that best describe your paper.

Submission of Problem Proposals and Solutions

We invite readers to submit original problems that will appeal to students and teachers of advanced undergraduate mathematics. Problem proposals must be accompanied by solutions and any bibliographical information that will assist in their review. A problem submitted as a Quickie should have an unexpected, succinct solution. Submitted problems should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Correspondents with limited access to the internet may submit manuscripts to the attention of Eugen J. Ionascu, Problems Editor, Department of Mathematics, Columbus State University, 4225 University Avenue, Columbus, GA 31907. Please note that physical manuscripts are not the preferred method of submission and correspondents are encouraged to submit their manuscripts electronically if possible.



Reprint Permission


General permission is granted to institutional members of the MAA for noncommercial reproduction in limited quantities of individual articles (in whole or in part) provided a complete reference is made to the source. Reprint permission should be requested from Taylor and Francis. Please use the form below.


Change of address, missing issue inquiries, and other subscription correspondence should be sent to:

Taylor & Francis
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Paul Campbell - Book Review Editor
Beloit College
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