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Index of Award-Winning Articles on History of Mathematics – The Halmos-Ford Award

Paul R. Halmos – Lester R. Ford Awards

For outstanding expository papers in The American Mathematical Monthly.


William Dunham
Euler and the Cubic Basel Problem
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 128, no. 4, March 2021, pp. 291–301.

Dominic Klyve and Erik R. Tou
A Prime Testing Algorithm from Leonhard Euler
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 128, no. 8, September 2021, 687–700.


Adrian Rice
Partnership, Partition, and Proof: The Path to the Hardy-Ramanujan Partition Formula
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 125, no. 1, January 2018, pp. 3–15.

Jonathan M. Borwein and Robert M. Corless
Gamma and Factorial in the Monthly
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 125, no. 5, May 2018, pp. 400–424.


Deborah Kent and David Muraki
A Geometric Solution of a Cubic by Omar Khayyam ... in Which Colored Diagrams Are Used Instead of Letters for the Greater Ease of Learners
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 123, no. 2, February 2016, pp. 149–160.


Manya Raman-Sundström
A Pedagogical History of Compactness
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 122, no. 7, August-September 2015, pp. 619–635.


David A. Cox
Why Eisenstein Proved the Eisenstein Criterion and Why Schönemann Discovered It First
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 118, no. 1, January 2011, pp. 3–21.


Marvin Jay Greenberg
Old and New Results in the Foundations of Elementary Plane Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 117, no. 3, March 2010, pp. 198–219.

James T. Smith
Definitions and Nondefinability in Geometry
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 117, no. 6, June 2010, pp. 475–489.


Judith Grabiner
Why Did Lagrange 'Prove' the Parallel Postulate?
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 116, no. 1, January 2009, pp. 3–18.

Bob Palais, Richard Palais, and Stephen Rodi
A Disorienting Look at Euler's Theorem on the Axis of a Rotation
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 116, no. 10, December 2009, pp. 892–909.


Harold P. Boas
Reflections on the Arbelos
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 113, March 2006, pp. 236–249.


William Dunham
Touring the Calculus Gallery
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 112, January 2005, pp. 1–19.

Viktor Blåsjö
The Evolution of the Isoperimetric Problem
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 112, June-July 2005, pp. 526–566.


Judith Grabiner
Newton, Maclaurin, and the Authority of Mathematics
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 111, December 2004, pp. 841–852.


Ruediger Thiele
Hilbert’s Twenty-Fourth Problem
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 110,  January 2003, pp. 1–24.


Warren P. Johnson
The Curious History of Faa du Bruno's Formula
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 109, 2002, pp. 217–234.

Eleanor Robson
Words and Pictures: New Light on Plimpton 322
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 109, 2002, pp. 105–120.


David Lindsay Roberts
Moore's Early Twentieth-Century Program for Reform in Mathematics Education
The American Mathematical Monthly,Vol. 108, October 2001, pp. 689–696.


Judith V. Grabiner
Was Newton's calculus a dead end? The continental influence of Maclaurin's Treatise of Fluxions
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 104, May 1997, pp. 393–410.

Bruce Pourciau
Reading the Masters: Newton and the birth of celestial mechanics
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 104, January 1997, pp. 1–19.


Robert Gray
Georg Cantor and transcendental numbers
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 101, November 1994, pp. 819–832.

I. Kleiner and N. Movshovitz-Hadar
The role of paradoxes in the evolution of mathematics
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 101, December 1994, pp. 963–974.

William C. Waterhouse
A counterexample for Germain
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 101, February 1994, pp. 140–150.


Bruce C. Berndt and S. Bhargava
Ramanujan—for lowbrows
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 100, August–September 1993, pp. 644–656.

Edgar R. Lorch (Reuben Hersh, editor)
Szeged in 1934
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 100, March 1993, pp. 219–230.


Gert Almkvist and Bruce Berndt
Gauss, Landen, Ramanujan, the arithmetic-geometric mean, ellipses, pi and the Ladies Diary
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 95, August–September 1988, pp. 585–608.


Stuart S. Antman
Book Review of A Convergence of Lives, Sofia Kovalevskaia: scientist, writer, revolutionary, by A. Hibner Koblitz
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 93, February 1986, pp. 139–144.

Jacob Korevaar
Bieberbach's conjecture and its proof by Louis de Branges
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 93, August–September 1986, pp. 505–514.


Judith Grabiner
Who gave you the epsilon? Cauchy and the origins of rigorous calculus
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 90, March 1983, pp. 185–194.


Tony Rothman
Genius and Biographers: The Fictionalization of Evariste Galois
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 89, February 1982, pp. 84–106.


R. Creighton Buck
Sherlock Holmes in Babylon
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 87, May 1980, pp. 335–345.


Desmond Fearnley-Sander
Hermann Grassmann and the creation of linear algebra
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol 86, December 1979, pp. 809–817.


Shreeram Abhyankar
Historical ramblings in algebraic geometry and related algebra
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 83, June–July 1976, pp. 409–448.

William P. Ziemer, William H. Wheeler, S.H. Moolgavkar, Paul R. Halmos, John H. Ewing and William H. Gustafson
American mathematics from 1940 to the day before yesterday
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 83, August–September 1976, pp. 503–516.


Raymond Ayoub
Euler and the zeta function
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 81, December 1974, pp. 1067–1086.


Lynn A. Steen
Highlights in the history of spectral theory
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 80, April 1973, pp. 359–381.


Jean A. Dieudonné
The historical development of algebraic geometry
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 79, October 1972, pp. 827–866.

Thomas L. Saaty
Thirteen colorful variations on Guthrie's four-color conjecture
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 79, January 1972, pp. 2–43.

R. L. Wilder
History in the mathematics curriculum: Its status, equality, and function
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 79, May 1972, pp. 479–495.


Jean A. Dieudonné
The work of Nicholas Bourbaki
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 77, February 1970, pp. 134–145.


Henry L. Alder
Partition identities—from Euler to the present
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 76, September 1969, pp. 733–746.

William A. Coppel
J.B. Fourier—on the occasion of his two hundredth birthday
The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 76, May 1969, pp. 468–483.

"Index of Award-Winning Articles on History of Mathematics – The Halmos-Ford Award," Convergence (June 2020)