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Index of Award-Winning Articles on History of Mathematics – The Evans Award

Trevor Evans Awards

For exceptional articles that are accessible to undergraduates and published in Math Horizons.


Randy K. Schwartz
The Birth of the Meter
Math Horizons, September 2008, pp. 14–17, 31.


William Dunham
Euler’s Amicable Numbers
Math Horizons, November 2007, pp. 5–7.


Adrian Rice and Eve Torrence
Lewis Carroll's Condensation Method for Evaluating Determinants
Math Horizons, November 2006, pp. 12–15.


Ronald Barnes and Linda Becerra
The Evolution of Mathematical Certainty
Math Horizons, September 2005, pp. 13–17.


Douglas Dunham
A Tale Both Shocking and Hyperbolic
Math Horizons, April 2003, pp. 22–26.

Hugh McCague
A Mathematical Look at a Medieval Cathedral
Math Horizons, April 2003, pp. 11–15, 31.


Peter Schumer
The Magician of Budapest
Math Horizons, April 1999, pp. 5–9.


Ravi Vakil
The Youngest Tenured Professor in Harvard History
Math Horizons, September 1998, pp. 8–12.


Tom M. Apostol
What Is the Most Surprising Result in Mathematics?
Math Horizons, February 1997, pp. 26–31.


William Dunham
1996-—A Triple Anniversary
Math Horizons, September 1996, pp. 8–13.


Joel Chan
As Easy as Pi
Math Horizons, Winter 1993, pp. 18–19.

Underwood Dudley
Why History?
Math Horizons, November 1994, pp. 10–11.

"Index of Award-Winning Articles on History of Mathematics – The Evans Award," Convergence (July 2020)