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Euler Tercentenary Year - Basel

Victor J. Katz

Since 2007 is the three hundredth anniversary of the birth of Leonhard Euler, numerous organizations wordwide are organizing celebrations.  The following is a necessarily incomplete listing.


The Leonhard Euler Tercentenary - Basel

Date                                           Event

March 6                                      Issue of the Euler stamp

March 16 - June 9                       Exhibition:  Leonhard Euler and the delights of science

                                                  at the Public Library of Basel University

April 15                                       Tercentenary of Euler's birth

April 20                                       Celebration Ceremony  at St. Martin's Church, Basel

April-June                                    Interdisciplinary course of university lectures

May 31 - June 1                          International Euler Symposium

June 2- September 23                Exhibition  on mathematics - Natural History Museum

September 13                             Concert  at St. Peter's Church, Basel

September 13-14                        Congress  of the Swiss Academy of Sciences


For more information on the activities in Basel, click here.


Victor J. Katz, "Euler Tercentenary Year - Basel," Convergence (July 2007)