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Euler Tercentenary Year - Other Activities

Victor J. Katz

March 14 - Lecture "D'une lettre oubliée d'Euler (1707-1783) à la combinatoire et à la physique contemporaine" by Xavier Viennot at the BNF in Paris

May 2- October 28 - «Euler, l'imagination souveraine» at the Musée d'histoire des sciences, Geneva

June 18-23 - Euler Equations: 250 Years On  This meeting celebrates the 250th anniversary of the publication of Euler's Principes Généraux du Mouvement des Fluides (General Principles of the Motion of Fluids). This article first introduced the celebrated Euler equations of fluid motion and arguably started modern hydrodynamics, which is still a very vigorous area of research with many applications and many open problems.

July 1-14 - The MAA's annual mathematical study tour will be an Euler tour, visiting Basel, Berlin, and St. Petersburg.

July 18 - Euler lecture by W. Gautschi at the ICIAM

July 27-29 - The Canadian Society of History and Philosophy of Mathematics Annual Meeting will be held in conjuction with the   British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM) at Concordia University, Montreal. In addition to the general session, the meeting will include special sessions on Euler and John Fauvel. The Kenneth May Lecture will be given by Ed Sandifer.

August 3-5 - The Euler Society will hold its annual meeting in connection with MathFest


The website of the Leonhard Euler tercentenary in Basel has additional listings, including publications.


Victor J. Katz, "Euler Tercentenary Year - Other Activities," Convergence (July 2007)