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Curriculum Renewal Across the First Two Years

The Curriculum Foundations Project

Chapter 1 A Collective Vision
by Susan Ganter and William Barker
Chapter 2 Biology
by Judy Dilts and Anita Salem
Chapter 3 Business and Management
by Chris Lamoureaux
Chapter 4 Chemistry
by Norman Craig
Chapter 5 Computer Science
by Charles Kelemen
Chapter 6 Engineering: Chemical
by Michael Graham
Chapter 7 Engineering: Civil
by Lynn Katz
Chapter 8 Engineering: Electrical
by Ben Oni
Chapter 9 Engineering: Mechanical
by David Bigio
Chapter 10 Health-related Life Sciences
by Thomas Huff and William Terrell
Chapter 11 Interdisciplinary Core Mathematics
by Chris Arney and Don Small
Chapter 12 Mathematics
by Herbert Kasube and William McCallum
Chapter 13 Physics
by Karen Cummings and Gary Emery
Chapter 14 Statistics
by Tom Moore, Roxy Peck, and Allan Rossman
Chapter 15 Teacher Preparation: K-12 Mathematics
by Sharon Senk, Brian Keller, and Joan Ferrini-Mundy
Chapter 16 Technical Mathematics: Biotechnology and Environmental Technology
by Elaine Johnson, John Peterson, and Kathy Yoshiwara
Chapter 17 Technical Mathematics: Electronics, Telecommunications, and Semiconductor Technology
by Bob Bixler, James Hyder, John Peterson, and Kathy Yoshiwara
Chapter 18 Technical Mathematics: Information Technology
by Robert Campbell, John Peterson, and Kathy Yoshiwara
Chapter 19 Technical Mathematics: Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology
by Al Schwabenbauer, John Peterson, and Kathy Yoshiwara