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OneStone Pebbles

Dave Richards (Bright Ideas Software)

Dave Richards
Bright Ideas Software®

OneStone® Pebbles are a new series of calculus visualization tools developed by Bright Ideas Software®. Designed from the ground up with input from education professionals, these unique tools meld current educational theory with state of the art graphics technology in consistent, easy-to-use packages. Each "Pebble" in the series is a stand-alone program designed to illustrate a specific topic in the calculus syllabus. Read the instructions for installation and usage that follow, and click on any of the topics in the list to go to that Pebble.

Note that all links below are to a site ( external to MathDL Loci. Visit that site for more information on the overall project.


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Instructions for Using OneStone® Pebbles

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Topics List

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Dave Richards (Bright Ideas Software), "OneStone Pebbles," Convergence (February 2010), DOI:10.4169/loci003315