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Leslie Matrix for Age-structured Populations

Jennifer Spangenberg, John Jungck

From the Biological ESTEEM collection

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This Excel workbook uses the Leslie Matrix Model for population projection of age-class or stage-class structured populations. The user enters age or stage specific fecundity and survival rates as well as the population’s initial proportions. The graphical output included illustrates the stabilization of population structure and the finite rate of increase. It also includes exponential growth curves and semi-log plots of the population growth. The user can also view population projections for three actual datasets. Note that this file requires that "macros" are enabled in Microsoft Excel.

Editor's Note

For full functionality, you should save all files included on the download site to the same directory and then open the main workbook Leslie_Leftkovitch_matrix.xls.

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Jennifer Spangenberg, John Jungck, "Leslie Matrix for Age-structured Populations," Convergence (December 2006)