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Derivative Matching Game - Overview

Barbara Margolius (Cleveland State Univ.)

This is a matching game.  When you play this game, you will be presented with a game board showing graphs of functions on cards.  The goal is to match the functions with their derivatives until there are no cards left on the board.  You may choose whether to play a game matching functions with just their first derivatives or both first and second derivatives.  You may also choose whether there are a small number of matches or a large number to make.  There is a “more information” button on the game that will color the graphs to show where the graphs on the game board are positive, negative, increasing, decreasing, or concave up or down.

See page 2 for more detailed instructions.

System requirements: This application runs in any browser which has the Flash 9 plugin (free from Adobe) installed.


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Barbara Margolius (Cleveland State Univ.), "Derivative Matching Game - Overview," Convergence (February 2010), DOI:10.4169/loci002651