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John Jungck, Jennifer Galovich, Joe Reistetter
From the Biological ESTEEM collection

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The BioBayes module leads the user through several different methodologies for applying Bayesian probabilities to real life examples and problems. First, a 2-generation pedigree is examined using the classical, or "Platonist" approach of a Punnet square, and then the same pedigree is analyzed using Bayesian probabilities. Students are introduced to the fundamental equation underlying Bayesian probabilities and then asked to apply it to the pedigree. Second, the student uses two-way tables to calculate various conditional probabilities associated with HIV screening. Finally, using decision trees the student will calculate the likelihood of having a child with cystic fibrosis if the status of the mother as a carrier is unknown.

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John Jungck, Jennifer Galovich, Joe Reistetter, "BioBayes," Convergence (December 2006)