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World Class Sprints - Introduction

David Smith

/images/upload_library/4/vol1/Sprints/run2.gifThis module illustrates a modeling process and a somewhat unusual application of first-order linear equations. It is appropriate for both calculus courses and differential equations courses -- wherever these equations are taken up.

David Smith is Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Duke University.



Choice of Computer Algebra System

Click on the button corresponding to your preferred computer algebra system (CAS). This will download a file which you may open with your CAS. You should arrange your browser and CAS windows side by side so you can see both.

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Ver. 5.1

Notes for the Instructor


This module was prepared with the assistance of Jer-Chin Chuang (Furman University) and John Michel (Marietta College). It is based on an article by S. R. Dunbar in the CODEE Newsletter, Spring,1994.

Publication date: December, 2001
© Copyright 2001 by CCP and David Smith


David Smith, "World Class Sprints - Introduction," Convergence (December 2004)