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The Consumer Price Index and Inflation - Make the Graph

Elizabeth B. Appelbaum

Figure 4. The first step in making a graph from your current table.

  1. In your table select Columns B and C. Click the Chart icon (circled in Figure 4).

  2. Use the Chart Wizard:

  • Step 1. Click XY (Scatter). For Chart Subtype, click the smooth curves, highlighted in Figure 4. Click Next.

  • Step 2. Click Next again.

  • Step 3. Insert a title for the graph and for each axis. For Gridlines, choose Major gridlines for each axis (see Figure 5). Click Next.

Figure 5. Choosing gridlines.

  • Step 4. Request the chart As New Sheet. Click Finish. Figure 6 shows the complete graph.

Figure 6. The finished graph.

Elizabeth B. Appelbaum, "The Consumer Price Index and Inflation - Make the Graph," Convergence (December 2004)