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Parametric Plots: A Creative Outlet - Letting Your Creative Juices Go Wild...

Judy Holdener and Keith Howard

Now it's your turn! Download the MAPLE file linked below, and open it to produce your own masterpiece with parametric plots. Feel free to use some of the many different types of curves you have seen in this project.

This is the last part of the project. If you're curious about drawings by other students, you will find some on the next page.

 Maple 8 download button  ParametricMasterpiece.mws

Additional MAPLE Resources:

If you really want to get fancy, feel free to use the additional MAPLE files provided below. They will allow you to add color and even an extra dimension to your picture. If your picture has some form of symmetry in it (for example, bilateral or rotational symmetry), then you might want to save some time by using one or more of the symmetry tools.

To fill a region:  Maple 8 download button  FillingRegions.mws
To parameterize curves
in three-dimensional space:
 Maple 8 download button  SpaceCurves.mws
To scale, reflect, rotate
and translate curves:
 Maple 8 download button  SymmetryTools.mws

Judy Holdener and Keith Howard, "Parametric Plots: A Creative Outlet - Letting Your Creative Juices Go Wild...," Convergence (August 2004)