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Kepler: The Volume of a Wine Barrel - Links and References

Roberto Cardil (MatematicasVisuales)


Link to Kepler biography

Kepler in MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

A biography of Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

Link to Kepler's Nova stereometria

Original Latin version of Kepler's Nova stereometria (Posner Memorial Collection, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries)

Kepler's German version of his Nova stereometria (two pages, Loci: Convergence Mathematical Treasures)

Link to circle animation

Kepler in MatematicasVisuales - The Area of a Circle

Kepler's intuitive infinitesimal approach to determine the area of a circle

Link to sphere animation

Kepler in MatematicasVisuales - The Volume of a Sphere

Kepler's intuitive infinitesimal approach to determine the volume of a sphere
Link to MathWorld: Kepler's Lemon

Kepler in MathWorld: Lemon

Kepler in MathWorld: Apple

Two solids of revolution defined by Kepler

Link to article on Archimedes' Method

Archimedes' Method for Computing Areas and Volumes

Article by Gabriela Sanchis in Loci: Convergence explaining Archimedes' Method based on the Law of the Lever

Link to animation illustrating Archimedes' method

Archimedes in MatematicasVisuales - Area of a Parabolic Segment

Archimedes used infinitesimal methods to discover areas and volumes 1800 years before Kepler and Cavalieri.

Link to Convergence article on isoperimetric problem

The Sagacity of Circles: A History of the Isoperimetric Problem

Article by Jennifer Wiegert in Loci: Convergence summarizing the history of the problem of finding the region of greatest area bounded by a given perimeter


Link to Loci article on box optimization

Thinking Outside the Box - or Maybe Just About the Box

Article by David Meel and Thomas Hern in Loci presenting a box optimization problem more realistic and hence more complex than the standard one.
































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