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Suggestions for dealing with difficulties that can arise when an instructor brings primary sources into the mathematics classroom.

A classroom testimonial on the effect of combining primary source-based materials designed to teach mathematics with a framework designed to engage students as readers.



A set of classroom activities that explore the role abstract algebra played in breaking the cryptographic system of the Enigma machine.

Translation of excerpts from Markov's Calculus of Probabilities (1900), with suggestions for classroom use.

Historia de calendarios Maya, incluyendo el uso del sistema numérico modificado de base 20. 

An undergraduate course that brings together advanced topics in the philosophy, history, and sociology of mathematics.

Introduction to a series of short articles on the history of calculus, written for instructors.

Mystery surrounding an 1828 copy of Lacroix's textbook, signed by De Morgan—and intended for Sylvester??

A history of paper folding in mathematics education, emphasizing the role of Sundara Rao’s 1893 Geometrical Exercises in Paper Folding.

Reprints from the "Historically Speaking" column of Mathematics Teacher.