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Al-Maghribî’s Mecca Problem Meets Sudoku – References, Acknowledgment, and About the Author

Ilhan M. Izmirli (George Mason University)


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The author wishes to extend his most profound thanks to the reviewer whose meticulously constructed critiques and thorough and rigorous corrections made this paper markedly better.

About the Author

Ilhan Izmirli studied mathematics at Bosphorus University, Istanbul. After completing his M.Sc. at University of Istanbul, he conducted further graduate studies at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C. He earned his Ph.D. at The American University, Washington, D.C.

His major research interests are mathematics education; statistics education; history of statistics; history of mathematics; relations between mathematics and other disciplines, such as physics, philosophy, and music; and chaos theory. He has presented numerous papers on these and related topics at international conferences throughout the world.

When he is not teaching his classes at GMU or conducting his research, he can be found taking long walks with his dogs or playing music with the Washington Balalaika Society and the folk music ensemble, Samovar.

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Ilhan M. Izmirli (George Mason University), "Al-Maghribî’s Mecca Problem Meets Sudoku – References, Acknowledgment, and About the Author," Convergence (August 2016)