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Mailing List Requests

AMC collects names and addresses of students and schools participating in AMC contests on an opt-in basis. The MAA AMC policy allows the sale of participating student and school names and addresses to interested institutions and organizations on a case-by-case basis; each request is evaluated individually. The MAA AMC shares these lists with academic professionals, colleges/universities, and select educational institutionsWe provide legitimate contact information for all educational institutions, professionals, and students for one-time use. 

List Delivery and Format

Mailing lists are generated from the MAA AMC database of schools and students granting permission for third-party contact. Lists are sent by email in Excel (CSV) format.  They contain the following data:  

  • AMC 8: Name of contest manager, school name, street address, city, state, postal code, and country

  • AMC 10/12, AIME, USAMO, USAJMO: Competition manager name, student name, school name, student street address, city, state, postal code, country, competition score, gender, birth date


List Offerings and Pricing

The following lists will be available for purchase this year. View the Pricing Sheet.

  • AMC 8 School List: AMC 8 schools and institutions 

  • AMC 10/12 School List: AMC 10/12 schools and institutions

  • AMC 10/12 State Lists: AMC 10/12 schools and institutions divided by state

  • AMC 10/12 Decile Lists: AMC 10/12 students separated into 10 percentiles (ex. 10th percentile, 80th percentile).

  • AMC 10/12 Girl-Identifying Student Lists

  • AMC 10/12 Girl-Identifying Student Decile Lists: AMC 10/12 girl-identifying students separated into 10 percentiles (ex. 10th percentile, 80th percentile).

  • AIME Student List

  • USAMO or USAJMO Student Lists


Requesting Lists:

To purchase a list, please fill out the List Request Form. The MAA AMC team will review your request and contact you for the next steps. Once the team evaluates your request, you will be contacted pending approval for invoicing and list delivery instructions. Mailing lists will be emailed upon payment completion.

Please note: Mailing lists will not be available until at least three weeks after each contest. These mailing lists only provide information from students who have opted-in to sharing this information with approved groups. All information is student-provided and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of all mailing addresses.