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Transforming Linear Algebra Education with GeoGebra Applets

Twelve Linear Algebra Packages for exploring and visualizing a variety of linear algebra ideas. An NSF Project in progress.

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James Factor, Susan PustejovskyAlverno College
David Strong
Alverno College website
James Factor, Susan Pustejovsky
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This site is very much a work in progress. When complete, the site promises 12 linear algebra packages organized into 4 sequences (vectors, linear systems, matrices, vector spaces), each presented at 3 levels. In total, the site lists 52 GeoGebra worksheets/applets that will eventually be available. At the time of this review (2/3/2014), only five of these worksheets/applets were complete and one did not run properly with the latest version of GeoGebra. As a result, it is difficult to accurately assess or rate the site. This reviewer recommends keeping an eye on the site since, if it delivers what it promises, it will be an excellent resource.

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This collection of Geogebra-based applets is continuing to expand and mature. It's already very good, and looks to become even better in the near future. These tools contain lots of features to illustrate multiple points. However, they are also very useful for simpler purposes. Very nice!

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Current results of an ongoing NSF Project. Applets for 12 areas of linear algebra. Not all working yet. Nice so far.