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Sixth International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Z�rich, Switzerland, July 16-20, 2007

Rolf Jeltsch and Gerhard Wanner, editors
European Mathematical Society
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Invited Lectures

  • G. Allaire, F. Jouve, and N. Van Goethem -- A level set method for the numerical simulation of damage evolution
  • C. Ebenbauer, T. Raff, and F. Allgöwer -- Dissipation inequalities in systems theory: An introduction and recent results
  • L. Caffarelli -- Some nonlinear problems involving non-local diffusions
  • C. Canuto -- High-order methods for PDEs: Recent advances and new perspectives
  • M. Cheney -- Radar imaging
  • A. Cohen -- Adaptive approximations by greedy algorithms
  • Weinan E -- Multiscale analysis of density functional theory
  • M. Fortin, C. Robitaille, A. Fortin, and A. Rezgui -- Frictional contact in solid mechanics
  • R. Glowinski -- Numerical methods for fully nonlinear elliptic equations
  • H. Ishii -- Asymptotic solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations for large time and related topics
  • B. Keyfitz -- Hyperbolic conservation laws. Past and future
  • R. Kohn and S. Serfaty -- Second-order PDE and deterministic games
  • T. Li -- Controllability and observability: From ODEs to quasilinear hyperbolic systems
  • J. Martínez -- Order-value optimization and new applications
  • C. Schütte, F. Noe, E. Meerbach, P. Metzner, and C. Hartmann -- Conformation dynamics
  • A. Beskos and A. Stuart -- MCMC methods for sampling function space
  • I. Tsuda -- Chaotic itinerancy reality in the dynamic brain--episodic memory formation
  • G. Uhlmann -- Visibility and invisibility
  • J. Xu -- Optimal algorithms for discretized partial differential equations

Euler Special Lecture

  • W. Gautschi -- Leonhard Euler: His life, the man, and his works