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Probability and Mathematical Genetics

N. H. Bingham and C. M. Goldie, editors
Cambridge University Press
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London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 378
We do not plan to review this book.

Preface; List of contributors; Bibliography of J. F. C. Kingman; 1. A fragment of autobiography, 1957–1967 J. F. C. Kingman; 2. More uses of exchangeability: representations of complex random structures David J. Aldous; 3. Perfect simulation using dominated coupling from the past with application to area-interaction point processes and wavelet thresholding G. K. Ambler and B. W. Silverman; 4. Assessing molecular variability in cancer genomes A. D. Barbour and S. Tavaré; 5. Branching out J. D. Biggins; 6. Kingman, category and combinatorics N. H. Bingham and A. J. Ostaszewski; 7. Long-range dependence in a Cox process directed by an alternating renewal process D. J. Daley; 8. Kernel methods and minimum contrast estimators for empirical deconvolution Aurore Delaigle and Peter Hall; 9. The coalescent and its descendants Peter Donnelly and Stephen Leslie; 10. Kingman and mathematical population genetics Warren J. Ewens and Geoffrey A. Watterson; 11. Characterizations of exchangeable partitions and random discrete distributions by deletion properties Alexander Gnedin, Chris Haulk and Jim Pitman; 12. Applying coupon-collecting theory to computer-aided assessments C. M. Goldie, R. Cornish and C. L. Robinson; 13. Colouring and breaking sticks: random distributions and heterogeneous clustering Peter J. Green; 14. The associated random walk and martingales in random walks with stationary increments D. R. Grey; 15. Diffusion processes and coalescent trees R. C. Griffiths and D. Spanó; 16. Three problems for the clairvoyant demon Geoffrey Grimmett; 17. Homogenization for advection-diffusion in a perforated domain P. H. Haynes, V. H. Hoang, J. R. Norris and K. C. Zygalakis; 18. Heavy traffic on a controlled motorway F. P. Kelly and R. J. Williams; 19. Coupling time distribution asymptotics for some couplings of the Lévy stochastic area W. S. Kendall; 20. Queueing with neighbours V. Shcherbakov and S. Volkov; 21. Optimal information feed P. Whittle; 22. A dynamical-system picture of a simple branching-process phase transition David Williams; Index.