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Handbook of Teichmüller Theory, Volume III

Athanase Papadopoulos, editor
European Mathematical Society
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IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics 17
We do not plan to review this book.
  • A. Papadopoulos -- Introduction to Teichmüller theory, old and new, III

Part A. The metric and the analytic theory, 3

  • J.-P. Otal -- Quasiconformal and BMO-quasiconformal homeomorphisms
  • J. Hu -- Earthquakes on the hyperbolic plane
  • C. Series -- Kerckhoff's lines of minima in Teichmüller space

Part B. The group theory, 3

  • L. Ji -- A tale of two groups: arithmetic groups and mapping class groups
  • J. D. McCarthy and A. Papadopoulos -- Simplicial actions of mapping class groups
  • V. Disarlo -- On the coarse geometry of the complex of domains
  • M. Korkmaz -- Minimal generating sets for the mapping class group of a surface
  • K. Habiro and G. Massuyeau -- From mapping class groups to monoids of homology cobordisms: A survey
  • T. Sakasai -- A survey of Magnus representations for mapping class groups and homology cobordisms of surfaces
  • L. Funar, C. Kapoudjian, and V. Sergiescu -- Asymptotically rigid mapping class groups and Thompson's groups

Part C. The algebraic topology of mapping class groups and their intersection theory

  • D. Zvonkine -- An introduction to moduli spaces of curves and their intersection theory
  • I. Madsen -- Homology of the open moduli space of curves
  • L. Ji and S. Zucker -- On the $L^p$-cohomology and the geometry of metrics on moduli spaces of curves

Part D. Teichmüller theory and mathematical physics

  • K. Krasnov and J.-M. Schlenker -- The Weil-Petersson metric and the renormalized volume of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • R. M. Kashaev -- Discrete Liouville equation and Teichmüller theory
  • Corrigenda
  • List of contributors
  • Index