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Tilings by Regular Polygons

by Geoffrey C. Shephard and Branko Grünbaum

Award: Allendoerfer

Year of Award:1978

Publication Information:Mathematics Magazine, Vol 50, (1977), pp. 227-247

Summary: Patterns in the plane from Kepler to the present, including recent results and unsolved problems.

About the Author(s): (from Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 50 (1977)) Branko Grünbaum and G. C. Shephard have for many years cooperated in research on convexity and other geometric topics. At a meeting in Durham (England) in the summer of 1975 they "discovered" tilings -- or, rather, that in this attractive part of geometry there are many facts that deserve to be more widely known, and many more that first have to be established. Ever since then they have been pursuing various ramifications of this topic, which is relevant also to crystallography, art and other disciplines. They have obtained a number of new results on tilings, some of which are being published in several research papers; they plan to present a volume "Tilings and Patterns". The general awakening of interest in the topic is attested to by the three-day Special Session on "Tilings, Patterns, and Symmetries" held at the Summer Meeting of the AMS in August 1977.

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Subject classification(s): Geometry and Topology | Plane Geometry | Patterns
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2007