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Thirteen Colorful Variations on Guthrie's Four-Color Conjecture

by Thomas L. Saaty

Year of Award: 1973

Publication Information: The American Mathematical Monthly, vol. 79, 1972, pp. 2-43

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About the Author: (from The American Mathematical Monthly, vol. 79, (1972)) Thomas L. Saaty is Professor in the Graduate Groups in Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, and Peace Research of the University of Pennsylvania. After receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Yale, under E. Hille, and spending a year at the Sorbonne in Paris, he worked with the MIT Operations Evaluations Group. Later he was Director of Advanced Planning and also Head of the Mathematics Branch of the Office of Naval Research, and Scientific Liaison Officer at the U.S. Embassy, London. In the period 1963-1969 he was involved in mathematical research on negotiation and bargaining at the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Washington, D.C. From 1965 to 1967 he served as Executive Director of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. He is the author, co-author, or editor of 13 books in mathematics, operations research, arms control, and compact cities of the future. His areas of interest are graph theory, optimization, and applications to social problems. He is a member of the Institute for Strategic Studies, London, and was recently elected to membership in the Academy of Sciences of Spain.


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008