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Continued Fractions Without Tears

by J. Ian Richards

Award: Carl B. Allendoerfer

Year of Award: 1982

Publication Information: Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 54, (1981), pp. 163-171

Summary: Ping Pong using Farley sequences is proposed as an alternative to the traditional fraction chain.

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About the Author: (from Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 54 (1981)) Ian Richards is a professor of mathematics at the University of Minnesota. He attended college there, did his graduate work at Harvard, taught for two years at MIT, and then returned to Minnesota. His field of research is analysis, where he has worked in the areas of complex variables, real variables, analytic number theory, and recursive analysis. His hobbies include whitewater and wilderness canoeing and reading poetry (about which he knows little but claims to have good taste.)

Subject classification(s): Numbers and Computation | Patterns and Sequences
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2007